Risk prediction model for the diagnosis of blood stream infection in febrile pediatric oncology patients without severe neutropenia

Developed by:

Adam Esbenshade, MD, MSCI - Primary Investigator
Zhiguo Zhao, MS - Biostatistician
William Gray, BS and Jeremy Stephens, BS - Web and database development
Lena Hussain, MES - Web development project manager


Esbenshade AJ, Pentima MC, Zhao Z, et al: Development and validation of a prediction model for diagnosing blood stream infections in febrile, non-neutropenic children with cancer. Pediatr Blood Cancer, 2014


This calculator is a research construct and has only been retrospectively internally evaluated at this institution and should not be used in general clinical practice without further prospective and external validation. This model is also intended to be used in well-appearing patients and is intended to be used as an evidence-based tools and not to replace a clinician's clinical judgment.
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